I know I talked with you before our game, but I got a lot of positive feedback from our parents- they thought everything was great.  Actually didn’t hear one negative comment which is unusual these days....


Brian Ciesla
10U Sequoyah Jr Chiefs
Great job! We will be working on some of our teams out of Cherokee county.

We had a great weekend. Winning always helps lol! 
The fields were in great shape. The Umpires were awesome and the tournament was ran really well. We we're kept up to date with messages all weekend. The only downside was the awards. Local tournaments we play in are half the price and provide rings or belts as well as a team plaque or trophy. Its really not about the awards but the kids love to show off the bling. I know you didn't have very many teams participate so there wasn't as big a profit as you would like and maybe none but I think you are trying to build something there. So I would suggest that you provide as many reasons (E. G. Better awards) to make teams want to come back. Just my two cents. Thanks.

12u Fury

                 NOTE:  We have changed our awards and rings are now given for the champions
Good tournament. Good facilities. Good umpiring.
One recommendation is to schedule the games 2 hours apart instead of 1:45. USSSA time limits are normally 1:40 for 12U. Scheduling 2 hours apart is more realistic expectation and keeps things moving without teams sitting around waiting. Saturday got way behind schedule since games were only 1:45 apart.

Austin Medford

                 NOTE:  We have adjusted our scheduling to 1hr 30min game time with 15 min                                                       between games